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Topnotch Employment Services, a Toronto-based agency with 30+ years of experience, simplifies your hiring process by providing advanced staffing solutions and access to diverse, qualified talent. Combining national resources and local personalization, Topnotch optimizes your hiring experience for business success.

What Employers Can Expect

Comprehensive Staffing Solutions for Your Diverse Business Needs

Topnotch Employment Services offers tailored, full-service staffing solutions for various industries. Our people-driven approach includes temporary, permanent, and contract staffing for diverse roles, meticulous candidate screening, and security clearance checks. Choose Topnotch for unparalleled staffing solutions to boost your business success.

Championing Equal Opportunities and Accessibility for All at Topnotch Employment Services Inc.

Topnotch Employment Services in Toronto is committed to accessibility and equal opportunities for people with disabilities. We foster inclusivity, adhere to Ontario’s accessibility laws, and collaborate with agencies like WESP and SCIO to provide pre-employment programs. We actively welcome applications from individuals with disabilities and offer accommodations throughout the selection process. Topnotch supports the goal of an accessible Ontario by 2025 and promotes opportunities for all.

Embracing Diversity and Equal Opportunities at Topnotch Employment Services

An Employment agency in Toronto that proudly champions workplace Diversity and Inclusivity as an Equal Opportunity Employer. We attract diverse candidates through networking, open advertising, and collaborations with community organizations. Our founder, Mr. Sawh, is an award-winning advocate for diversity, actively participating in various organizations to promote inclusivity. Choose Topnotch to find skilled, qualified candidates from all backgrounds, ensuring a thriving and diverse workforce.

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