Topnotch Employment Services would like to restate its unreserved commitment to fulfilling the compliance requirements pertaining to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act, 2015. We do recognize that being an Employment Agency, in many instances it would not be practically possible for Topnotch Employment to organizationally establish all relevant measures that meet the compliance requirements of AODA. We are however committed to relentlessly work with our clients in every possible way towards ensuring that collaboratively, we could fully comply if not immediately but over time.

Topnotch Employment Services has since established an AODA Compliance Commitment Policy, Training Materials, including Knowledge Questions with regards to Accessible Customer Service under AODA, Accessible Customer Service Policy and Individualized Employee Emergency Response Policy and Response Form. We will continue to review these policies, procedures and training materials annually or as required by legislation and make changes as we go along in keeping with best practices recommendation and legislative changes. Our objective is to provide a barrier-free environment for our clients/customers, employees, job applicants, visitors as well as other stakeholders who enter our premises or access our information and use our services. As an organization, we respect and uphold the requirements set forth under Integrated Accessibility Standard and strive to meet all applicable AODA requirements by year 2025.

Actions taken:

    • AODA Policy created. 
    • AODA policy reviewed and updated.
    • The AODA policy will be made available in an accessible format to customers requesting a copy of the policy.
  • Employee training has been implemented. Training materials reviewed in accordance with internal review process.

Multi – Year Accessibility Plan

  • This multi-year plan was developed in 2021 and updated in 2023.

Actions Planned:

  • Post the multi- year plan on Topnotch Employment website.
  • Will provide plan in accessible format on request.
  • Review plan at least every five years and make necessary changes in keeping with recommendations for best practices and legislative requirement.

Requirement: Procurement of goods, services, or facilities – Necessary action will be taken to ensure we are compliant with the integrated accessibility standard regulation in so far as it is applicable to our organization.

Requirement – Training

Actions taken:

  • All employees are provided with the required AODA training as is applicable.
  • AODA training is part of Topnotch Employment Services on-boarding/orientation process.
  • All new employees are provided with mandatory training as necessary.
  • Training is also provided as per directions from our clients.

Actions planned:

  • On-going review of training materials.
  • Monitor staff and employee’s compliance.
  • Review and implement changes as required.

Employment Standard:

Topnotch Employment Services has always been a committed and respectful employer in terms of inclusivity and accessible employment practices that attract and retain talented employees with disabilities. We recognize that by removing barriers across the employment spectrum will create a workplace that is diverse, accessible and enables employees to attain their full potential.

Recruitment – Actions taken:

  • Our website speaks to Diversity in employment practices.
  • We have also established a recruitment division, “Inclusivity Connect” which embraces every aspect of diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility for people with disabilities.
  • Job postings are open to diverse applicants, including people with disabilities.
  • When offers of employment are made, we notify the successful applicants of our policy for accommodating employees with disabilities.

Actions planned:

  • Continue to monitor employment process and practice to address any barriers to recruitment.
  • Continue to accommodate employees.
  • Identify gaps and make improvements.

Individualized Employee Emergency Policy and Response information:

Actions taken –

  • We have created and implemented an individualized employee response policy and information form regarding accommodating employees with varying abilities. This document has been shared with our employees and is on our website.

Actions planned:

  • We continue to review documentations and our process and procedures to embrace best practices by making necessary improvements as we move forward.
  • Our emergency specific protocols include persons requiring assistance as well as AODA requirements.

We will be first to admit that our multi-year plan may not have covered all the areas of AODA requirements. As stated earlier, we have tailored the plan to cover those areas applicable to the business of our organization as a Staffing Agency. We remain always open to suggestions / recommendations for improvements as we proceed. We are confident that with this beginning, we are heading in the right direction and will make changes and fill the gaps in the future.



Sgd. Terry Sawh



Date created: December 2021

Date Reviewed: December 18, 2023.

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