Topnotch Employment Services remains always firmly committed to promoting diversity, inclusivity and by extension, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability, in every workplace and beyond. Towards this end, Topnotch Employment Services is steadfastly committed to complying with the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA), 2015. As a staffing provider, Topnotch Employment Services has limited capabilities in terms of fully implementing all the requirements under the Act. In recognition of this fact, we endeavour to work collaboratively with our clients in every possible way towards ensuring that we can collectively implement, train, monitor, promote and maintain the requisite Accessibility Standards.

In pursuance of the above commitments, Topnotch Employment Services implemented the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Training in accordance with Ontario Regulation 429/07. The training materials were developed based on the requirements of the Accessibility Standards and all staff are trained and tested to ensure a full understanding of the purpose of the Standards. We collaborate with our clients to implement training of temporary /permanent employees who are assigned to work duties that may involve interacting with and providing general services to the public. Such training forms part of the conditions of employment of the employee, every employee must comply, and records of training are kept for any validation purpose.

The key concept of the training involves policies and procedures relating to how goods or services will be provided to people with disabilities in a manner consistent with the principles of independence, dignity, integration, and equality of opportunity. We will provide training for every person who deals with the public or other third parties on behalf of the organization, as well as for every person who participates in developing the policies, practices, and procedures on providing goods or services to members of the public or third parties. In promoting the principles and practices of diversity, inclusivity and Accessibility, Topnotch Employment Services has established a new division, “Inclusivity Connect” and has ever since been an active member of the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC), among other organizations that embrace the vital principle of equal opportunity for peoples with Disability.

Topnotch Employment Services urges all stakeholders to be involved and fully committed to promoting the principles and values of Accessibility and Equality of Opportunity for all persons with Disabilities. We shall revisit, review, and revise this policy as is necessary in keeping with best practices and legislative changes.

Terry Sawh, CSP


Last reviewed: November 18, 2023.


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